Have you been asking yourself lately if Fidget Trading is For Real? Have you been thinking about trying it out for yourself but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? Well I have good news for you, yes Fidget trading is definitely For Real! And you don’t need a PhD to succeed in this game. Just like the old saying goes: “If you think you can, you probably can.”

And also hate it when you think you are lost, so I wrote this short guide for you. It s created with all the tricks, tips and advice that weve found while playing Fidget Trading 3D; you already know that it s going to be great. You see, most scam sites out there don’t really deliver what they say and even worse, deliver false hopes to people like you and me. But we wanted to provide you with a good game that will help you win in the long run.

First, let s look at the scam sites that promise you instant riches in a matter of minutes. If you ever come across one of these websites, please ignore it and move on to another Fidget Trading site. There is a very good reason why there are websites out there that only want to give out free advise and trade bots. The Fidgets/scams/fidget toys that these sites sell are almost always scams or just simply rip off people.

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When looking at the games, you can also find websites promising you to make thousands of dollars instantly. Some of these sites will use you as a guinea pig, which means you will be forced to play certain games until you lose money. You are then forced to buy more fidget toys or products from their site to regain your investment. These websites can get very addictive and when you notice you are losing your money very quickly, just exit the game like normal, but remember to restart it later when you have more funds to spend.

Here’s one important point about playing Fidgets/scams online; when you purchase Fidgets/scams, you do not actually win any money, you are simply investing in a game. Scam artists know this full well and they use this to take your money and run away with it. One of the ways they take money from you is by selling access to their own “ICO” – otherwise known as automated forex trading. You can imagine how many websites out there are selling these fake Ioco and FlashIoco trading systems that promise to make you big overnight. These are not real money making opportunities – they are scams.

Now back to the real game – Fidgets trading. The first step is to visit one of the many Fidgets sites to sign up for free. Once you have chosen a site, then you will be able to choose between free demo accounts or paid, high quality trading accounts. The next step you need to take is to click on “start trading”, once this has completed, you should see a “new account” link on the top right corner of your page.

This is where it all begins – the website wants you to try their free demo account, if you don’t, you lose. So what’s the catch? Well, if you follow the simple instructions (don’t forget that they are in text format), you can learn everything you need to know about Fidget by using their tutorials and practice accounts. If you feel like you are losing your mind every single time you play, then I’d highly recommend you signing up for a paid account where you can play for cash and become a true Fidgets addict!


The website is not only for experienced Fidgets traders, but also for newbies who are eager to try out this exciting trading mini game. Even if you don’t think you’ll become addicted to Fidget, I highly recommend you getting scammed by one of these websites. You can easily tell if you are being scammed because the site will not deliver the goods when it comes to your money. You don’t want to get scammed so avoid those sites like the plague. But if you insist on playing Fidget, make sure you sign up for a legit mini account from a legit source!

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