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The Forex Trader Team has been co-organising the 5th annual Dubai World Trade Center seminar since 2021. This prestigious event attracts some of the biggest names in the world of finance, business and international trade to discuss all aspects of global economics, with a view to helping companies and individuals make better trading decisions and achieve their financial goals. The ultimate aim of the event is to provide a venue where different traders can come together to share experiences and learn new strategies and tools. The event has featured some of the most high profile global trading figures including; Martin Schachmeister, Robert Kaplan, Nick Roditi, Avi Frister, Dieter Heck and many others.

Forex Trader Team


The Forex Trader Team has decided to take this year’s edition to the Dubai World Trade Centre theme, expanding on the themes established last year with a focus on the need for education and information on forex trading in order to succeed in it. This year we will be offering free education sessions for all levels of forex traders, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our main goal this time is to encourage more people into forex trading and helping to establish the fact that there are many resources available that can help anyone starting out with their first trades. We will also be featuring workshops run by industry leading experts, each providing hours of educational and entertaining information on how to get the best out of forex trading. Each of these workshops will run between two and four days and will include topics such as; forex trend analysis, forex leverage, forex currency pairs for trading, forex signals and much more.

The Dubai World Trade Center is a very important venue for both traders and investors in order to meet with some of the world’s top forex traders and investors. In addition to this the Forum Center will provide a great venue for free talks, seminars, presentations, product demos and more. This year’s theme is “Create Your Own Path” and will explore topics such as how to gather thousands of leads through social networking sites, how to use technology to your advantage in forex trading and much more. So what are you waiting for? Go and visit your local forex broker today and ask them what events they are planning on attending this year to help investors like yourself learn about trading the forex market. I am sure they won’t disappoint you.