Weekly view of the GBP/JPY (07/21/13) Be very wary as the GBP/JPY is in a narrow channel between 151.60 and 155.00. Look for breakouts out of this channel in the coming weeks.
Weekly view of the USD/CAD (07/21/13) The USD/CAD is heading back to the major trendline it broke out of. Look for a stop at 1.0250 in the coming weeks followed by a possible breakthough into the trend channel or a more probable bounce back upwards.
Weekly view of the USD/CAD – 04/21/13 The pair has challenged the top trendline repeatedly. Look for a reversal to 0.9900. If a breakthrough happens look for a rise to 1.0750 (see monthly insert.).Caution should be apparent as the USD/CAD is in a narrowing trend channel.
Weekly view of the GBP/JPY Even though the pair has risen and closed 2 weeks over the major trendline, look over the next coming weeks challenges to 145.70 and also 161.00 (see monthly insert.).
Weekly view of the GBP/JPY Now that the pair has solidified above the major trendline. Look for signs of a rise toward 149.00.